X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

  • 5-in-1 USB-C Hub
  • 4 Adjustable Angles
  • Vivid 4K HDMI Display
$64.99 $77.99
Color: Black
X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

The X-Kit is the combination of a powerful 5-in-1 USB hub that connects to all the devices you need to boost productivity and an ultra-lightweight ergonomic laptop/tablet stand with four adjustable angles designed for maximum mobility.

Your Work-at-Home Essential

It all started with our product designer when he began #WFH this year. Beyond the great opportunities, like many of us, he found challenges in building a healthy and productive workplace at home.

Most modern laptops today aren't equipped with enough ports to support all the supplementary devices we need to replicate a comprehensive "second office." Fear of insufficient ports and an unhealthy work posture was his motivation for creating the perfect work-at-home essential.

"5 + 4" Health Working Companion

Several factors can affect your work productivity, such as improper posture, excessive movements, forces, pressure points, static loads, and much more.

Ergonomic Design with 4 Adjustable Angles

Find your best ergonomic posture with 4 adjustable angles whether you want to read, type, take notes, draw, or use external keyboards with laptops and tablets. The X-Kit provides optimal comfort without the fatigue of your neck, arms, wrists, or eyes.

Foldable & Portable, Backpack Friendly

Open and fold-up in a split second; you can set up your office space anytime, anywhere with the X-Kit.
It fits easily in your backpack, tote bag, or even a briefcase.

Unleash Vivid 4K HDMI Display

Enjoy a high-quality display with the X-Kit’s ultra-high-definition HDMI port with 3D support—no image tearing, stuttering, or jerkiness, as well as fine audio and display synchronization.

Turbo Transmission Speed

Transferring a 1GB movie in 5 seconds? Copying images from a 32GB memory card in 5 minutes? With the high-speed transmission of up to 5Gbps from the two USB-A 3.0 ports and 104 MB/s from the SD/TF card slots, the X-Kit nailed it.

Go Green With UGREEN

From the product materials to its packaging, the X-Kit is fully recyclable with RoHS compliance. Additionally, it saves energy by lowering power consumption than a 1W LED lamp with a working HDMI port (≈333mA).


Input1 x USB-C data (5Gb/s),DP1.2a,HDCP2.2 with a 50cm C to C cable
Output2 x USB-A 3.0 Gen1 (5Gb/s), downward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1
4K*2K@30Hz HDMI supporting 3D
SD (UHS-1 104MB/s),SD 3.0 protocal
TF (UHS-1 104MB/s), SD 3.0 protocal
Dimension254mm x 56mm x 18.6mm
Weight282.9g / 9.98 oz / 0.62 lb
Weight Capacity5kg
EnclosureAluminum alloy / PC+ABS / Silicone
Operating TemperatureSurface lower than 42℃ under 25℃ environment
Working Temperature~10~+60℃
Supportive SystemsWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP; MAC OS; linux; IOS
Short-circuit ProtectionSupport
Over-current Protection Support
Standby Current196mA
Operating CurrentHDMI:332mA; USB 3.0 flash disk:430mA; SD:270mA; Maximum current with above all connected : 566mA


User Manual



Q: What are the compatible devices for this product?Plus Button

A: It supports all USB-C laptops and tablets, including the latest Apple M1 Macbook and iPad Pro; functionally it can also be used with cell phones that support full-featured USB-C, but not with the stand function. Laptops: 11"-17"laptops with USB-C ports, such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Dell XPS13, Dell XPS15, HP ENVY x360, ASUS SPLASH. Lenovo X1, Lenovo Xiaoxin PRO, Xiaomi pro, etc. Tablets: iPad Pro 2018\2020 models, Surface Pro 7, Surface go. (See the compatible device list for full ver)

Q: Can I use the product with a wireless mouse connected to the USB port? What is the operating distance?Plus Button

A: Yes. The operating distance is 0.8 meters for connecting Logitech wireless mouse; while docking to other USB 3.0 devices at the same time, the operating distance is 0.5 meters.

Q: What happens if there is no image output if I connected the HDMI?Plus Button

A: 1) Confirm if the cable were normally connected, if the cable length and specs met the requirements, the interface firmly inserted. 2) Try to adjust the computer output display resolution. Some monitors manually select the input signal source and HDMI version, adjust the HDMI version of the TV to HDMI 1.4 or standard mode. 3) Restart the computer to eliminate the computer system problems. 4) Try another monitor if applicable.

Q: Why the NTFS formatted USB flash drive can only be read but not copied and pasted on Macbooks?Plus Button

A: The Mac OS system supports exFAT, FAT32, and it doesn't support NTFS formats for USB flash drives. If you need to transfer large files, try to use FAT32 supports up to 4GB for single file transfer.

Q: Does it support PD fast charging?Plus Button

A: Since this is our first-gen product, it does not support PD fast charging so far. We will take it into consideration for the next-gen product planning.

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